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Effektivität von Coaching mit systemischer Transaktionsanalyse

Deutsch: Forschung zum Coaching mit systemischer Transaktionsanalyse belegt die Wirksamkeit der Methode. Der Artikel beschriebt die Forschung zu einem Coachingprojekt in einem Unternehmen. Dabei zeigte sich, dass Führungskräfte, die an einem Gruppen-Coaching teilnahmen, in den folgenden Jahren Positionen mit mehr Verantwortung anvertraut bekamen. Und die Entscheidung über die Verantwortungszuweisung kam von einer unabhängigen Stelle, die mit dem Coaching nichts zu tun hatte. 



The paper describes content and process of an ongoing in-house ‘individual coached within a group’ coaching programme run over many years in Germany, utilising various concepts including classical, systemic and systemic organisational transactional analysis and three sequential research studies covering the perceived usefulness of the coaching programme to individuals and their organisation, the correlations between attendance at the programme and professional advancement within the organisation, and the factors identified by participants as contributing to the effectiveness of the programme.

The study

The initial survey-based study identified the primary factor as the extent to which participants had been able to deal with their personally-identified most important individual issue or problem. The second study applied QCA (Qualitative Comparative Analysis) (Ragin 1987, 2000, 2008) and showed a correlation between the autonomous variables of participation in the group and the interdependent variable of ‘additional empowerment’ by the company. The third study used frequency and valence analysis of responses to a questionnaire completed by 38 managers to identify the key elements that they believed contributed to the effectiveness of the coaching programme. The author concludes that such programmes are effective but complex so require the coach to have psychological, pedagogical, leadership and manage- ment expertise and that this be applied within an organisational learning culture.

Key words: effectiveness research, in-house coaching, group coaching, , transactional analysis, systemic transactional analysis, qualitative comparative analysis, valence analysis, frequency analysis

Deutsch: Forschung zum Coaching mit systemischer Transaktionsanalyse belegt die Wirksamkeit der Methode